Team buildings

See our suggestions for team building in 6 Bulgarian villages – a day on the farm, cooking lessons, adventures and lots of fun! Support enterprising small entrepreneurs, advocates for the preservation of Bulgarian traditions, food and nature!

Here are our suggestions for team building in Sofia, Pazardzhik, and Harmanli – non-standard, fun, and with causes! Let’s work together to support small, family businesses in cities in less developed regions, inspiring entrepreneurs working for real change in their community. Click on the link and you will learn more!

How about playing the guitar or making a movie with colleagues? Choose our artistic team building if you want to help preserve the Bulgarian traditions and community centers! And you can also support the children from the Sofia Guitar Orchestra – take a look at our offers!

You long for the mountains, for fresh air, you want to help protect the Bulgarian nature – then accept our challenge – team building to help nature parks! We start with Belasitsa – the chestnut mountains and the waterfalls! If you can’t travel and want to help our eco-cause, choose team building in the Botanical Garden of Sofia!