CRAFT BEER testing-experience for teams


 To stay connected and together, even when separated from the social distance, we offer you our digital team-building with a tasting of kraft beer and specially selected farm cheeses from the Rhodope Mts.!

This is not just a tasting, but a pleasant and cohesive experience with which to restore the team spirit of your company, good mood, and motivation to work! And if the lessons are virtual, then the tasting is not just real, but also awakening all your senses! Kraft beer is DIVO PIVO from “Brewery 359” – the first official craft brewery in Bulgaria. During the online tasting, Alex will reveal many secrets from the world of kraft beer.

We will send each member of your team a box of 3 kraft beers and if desired, a selection of 3 exceptional mature kinds of cheese. The cheeses that we will add to the package are from the dairy, Smilyan village, producing mature cheeses according to European and traditional Bulgarian recipes.

Let us offer you team virtual games and quizzes! We can also add a branded T-shirts for everyone!
The event lasts 1-2 hours, depending on your preferences, and is especially suitable for the end of the workweek or to celebrate your success.

Call us and we will prepare the right offer for your team – our motto is CREATIVITY AND EMPATHY.

Number of participants: 10 – 100