A CUPPA AND CATCH UP with Colleagues

“Tea is the religion of the art of living.”

Kakuzo Okakura

We know how many challenges the home office poses to your teams! That’s why we invite you to our virtual tearoom in ZOOM – two hours of relaxation and a cup of tea with colleagues!

Tea is that special drink that can take you on a journey to wonderful worlds of aroma and taste, to transport you from continent to continent and from era to era, even today, when you can’t travel freely. Tea has the power to heal your body, calm and awaken your mind.

Travel with us led by Denitsa Raykova – the master of magical tea combinations by Veda Hause. She will reveal the intricacies of making different types of tea and help you create a ritual that helps you feel together again. Many companies and teams working from home already have regular weekly “cup and catch up” meetings to help people keep in touch and share with their managers everything they care about. For centuries drinking tea in a group has been a symbol of friendship, uniting people from different cultures and societies.

Let’s add a webinar with our partners from the international organization “Art of Living” during which we can share with you practices of Ayurveda, yoga and breathing led by Konstantin Dragov, national coordinator of Art of Living in Bulgaria. These practices reduce stress, increase energy, restoring a clear and positive state of mind. Different breathing practices play a significant role in how we feel physically and emotionally, helping us to control our emotions and body.

Before the virtual meeting, each participant will receive a box with specially selected teas that have gathered the power of plants from around the world and Bulgaria. You can choose teas for relaxation (jasmine breeze, gene maysa, angel kiss) or energy (Irish morning, Bengal tiger, mate mexicano, etc.). If you wish, we will add the accessories necessary for the preparation of the excellent cup of tea. Each participant will also receive a manual with Ayurvedic tips and recipes for better immunity and health, prepared by the experts of the Art of Living Center.

Contact us and together we will create for your team a compilation of practices that will help you in the good mood of your team!

Number of participants: 10-100