BAR IN A JAR – Fun with Cocktails for Connoisseurs

Martha and Greta

When you can’t go to a bar, why not the bar to come to your home  – with the special magic box! Choose our virtual cocktail party and have fun with friends and colleagues!

Our hosts are Martha and Greti from the cult “Bar Infinite” (Bezkrai) in Sofia. Together with them, you will prepare 1 or 2 cocktails of your choice, and this pleasant activity will be engaged with a lot of humor and really useful information about the universe of cocktails. You can even order live music for your corporate party🎸

You will be able to choose – non-alcoholic or with alcohol, from classic cocktails such as margarita, bloody mary, daiquiri, to seasonal author’s recipes, for example:

🍹 Whiskey Sour – with quince syrup, spices, bitters, and bourbon + decoration of dehydrated fruits.

🍹 Rum Sour – winter syrup of dry apples and plums, spices, bitters, and dark rum + decoration of dehydrated fruits.

The bar will open in Zoom, and you will receive all the ingredients for the cocktail at our special box  🎁:

★ Jar with syrup of 40 ml. / Enough for one cocktail /. Special author’s syrups with herbs. 
★ Bottle with alcohol of 50 ml. 
★ Decoration for each cocktail. 
★ Lemon and lime for each package. 
★ Recipe for the cocktail you have chosen + interesting facts about alcohols and information about the beneficial properties of herbs and fruits that are in them. 
★ Gift Stickers. 
★ Gift – a bottle opener.


Number of participants: 15-100