ZERO WASTE Restaurant

I’ve always known that food has some power … People gather around it, get closer, talk more.”
Blazhka Dimitrova

If cooking is a passion for you, and the whirlwind in the kitchen with friends – a fun way to regain your taste for life and work, indulge in this passion with us! Cooking, food, bring people together like no other activity! Welcome guests to Blazhka’s kitchen with our virtual culinary adventure! Blazhka is the owner of a small restaurant supporting disadvantaged young people and the author of the recently popular book “Life with zero waste in Bulgaria”.

We offer a digital team experience that will teach you how to cook economically, environmentally friendly, and delicious! And because we do not just cook, but create, we offer you creative, healthy, and very tasty recipes. You can choose whether:

  • To prepare the whole menu, under the expert online guidance of Blazhka, or
  • To receive a package with the selected menu, preparing only warm cakes, salad, and sauce for the delicacies that Blagichka and her team will prepare for you

You can choose from vega, vegetarian or meat menu: 

  1. Vegan offer:

– Vegan meatballs with vegan mayonnaise, the most delicious Bulgarian potatoes according to an Asian recipe, and avocado dip

– Vegan raw candies with superfoods

  1. Vegetarian offer:

–  Veggie burger with home-baked bread, meatballs of imperial rice and red beans, egg in butter, homemade mayonnaise, Asian fries.

– Surprising vegan chocolate mousse

  1. Meat offer

– Classic burger with homemade bread, farm meat, homemade mayonnaise, egg in butter and baked Bulgarian potatoes

– cheesecake with berries

Our offer is for both advanced in the kitchen and for beginners!

We can think of other menu options, to add to your packages the book “Life with zero waste in Bulgaria” with an autograph, a branded T-shirt / apron, kraft beer or a small bottle of wine from a family wine cellar!

Number of participants: 10-60