Аnnie & Dayan 
Farm Wild Rose Hip

The stages of making bread are analogous to the processes that take place in the work of the team – you need the “yeast” of the idea, you knead it for a long time and with love, and finally you “bake” it and share with your customers!

Give this breadbuilding to your team as a gift!  Together, from your homes, you will prepare beer bread! Everything you need you will get in a special box. In 5 minutes we will prepare fragrant and extremely tasty bread – with savory or with added turmeric and oregano! Annie and Deyan will show you all the steps. And while baking, we will entertain you with our team games! If you want, we will prepare a cake together! As a bonus, you will receive a small recipe book with Annie’s einkorn recipes!

Annie and Deyan Gerasimovi are the owners of “Divata Shipka” (Wild Rose Hip) – a small family farm for einkorn and walnuts near the town of Ruse. Let them introduce themselves: “We are dreamers, travelers, explorers and nature lovers in it’s purest form.” “This winnter, Annie and Dido also opened their bakery in Ruse, where they lovingly prepare bread and delicious einkorn pastries.

Health benefits of einkorn: regulate metabolism, strengthen blood circulation, build healthy bones, improve immune function, support digestive function and reduce blood sugar and LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

This is team building, which will increase trust in the team, promote communication and reduce stress. Enjoy sharing and teamwork! 

Number of participants: 5-50